For those who love to stand out by anticipating the future


Colour, carefree living and functionality: Caddy Flow with Malibu seeks to appeal to younger traveller who are always on the go. The exterior features a two-tone metallic matt paint: milk white for the upper part, while the lower section sports two tones of green, designed to embody the vibrancy of luxuriant nature. Along the base of the body, the Deep Grey colouring lends FWM a more urban styling.

The interior is very sophisticated: steering wheel and seats are in black leather and feature a very trendy matt effect. Some dashboard detailings are highlighted green, providing a contrast with the matt black colour. The seats in Nylon Cordura have side edges in the same shades of green used on the exterior.

Caddy Flow with Malibu is an exclusive custom project created by IED – The European Institute of Design for Rangoni & Affini SpA 

For those who are always on the go

Friendship, the desire for freedom, and the joy of sharing precious moments in good company. Caddy Flow with Malibu will be your perfect partner for your busy lifestyle.

With its vast array of tech detailing, contrasting inserts, and practical, comfortable and hard-wearing hi-tech fabrics, this represents the youngest and coolest model in the collection.

A brightly-coloured exterior and calm, introspective colourway for the interiors: this is model to be discovered and savoured in all its finery, just like you.

Custom package

  • two-tone metallic matt paint: Dragon White and two-tone green
  • Deep Grey body
  • 18” “HAZARD” model wheels in two-tone gloss aluminium/black 
  • Michelin Pilot Sport tyres size 225/45R 18 
  • original Volkswagen valve cover 

Accessories and interiors

  • refined interior finishes
  • steering wheel in matt leather 
  • dashboard with alternating green paint and matt black finishes 
  • seats in Nylon Cordura 
  • side storage compartments in a shade of green matched to exterior colour 

Rangoni & Affini

Ied Milano