Discovering your world


The MYLANE collection Road cab custom package has been designed to appeal to sporty drivers seeking a comfortable interior with great character. The interior features bold styling. The black-and-orange colour scheme expresses energy and personality. The seats are in Cordura, a special nylon material originally developed for military use. This guarantees outstanding resistance to wear, tear and abrasion, and it can be printed with decorative elements.

Particular details of the seats and steering wheel are in Alcantara fabric, while others are enhanced with a special microfibre called Microvegam. This provides water repellency and is commonly used in technical applications and motor racing  The Road custom package is more than “just” a way to make a cab more comfortable – it becomes an expression of your way of being: your truck thus becomes an extension of your personality, your lifestyle, and the way you like to travel.

Travelling...the ROAD way

Designed for those who love to discover new worlds, who never stop in the face of adversity, who embrace each new journey with determination and excitement: the ROAD cab reflects your way of being.

The stylistic choices and colourway pairing of black and orange reflect wild landscapes and views that draw your gaze towards the distant horizon. 

Custom package

  • Predominant colours Black and Orange 
  • ALCANTARA PANEL COL. 9002 BLACK: a unique fabric produced only in Italy. It provides comfort and durability in myriad shades. Since the 1970s, Alcantara has been a leading brand and is used for numerous applications, from the design industry to top-of-the-range models in the automotive industry.


  • Cordura Ballistic Fabric 1100 orange code 712 and black code 276 is a special wear-resistant nylon fabric. It’s used by the army, in motor racing and the world of sport as well as in the production of bags and suitcases. It’s water repellent and can be printed easily.
  • MICROVEGAM 1.9 MM COLOUR MATT BLACK IDRO is a special microfibre that has many specialist uses, especially within the world of motor racing. It provides outstanding mechanical resistance and is perfectly customisable.

Rangoni & Affini