The future is now


MYLANE collection’s Street cab version delivers a high-tech, futuristic travel concept, geared towards tech-loving drivers: the cab communicates modernity and state-of-the-art styling.  Sober lines, and innovative, next-generation materials to guarantee comfort, wear resistance and a long life.

Seats, steering wheel, doors and all inserts provided in this cab custom package speak for themselves: drivers choose Street cab because they want to be connected and have all the equipment on hand to travel safely and in comfort.  Let Street cab transport you to the future.

Custom package

  • predominant colours black, silver and green
  • Silvered fabric in RUSH imitation leather, COL. 206 LIQUID SILVER, smooth and pleasing to the touch. UV- and abrasion-resistant, antibacterial, fire retardant, 
  • Green inserts in Extrema Metal colour cod. 6250: coated fabric made with innovative materials, which create a bright surface appearance that’s warm to the touch with a metallic leather effect. Main features: high resistance to abrasion, light, fading, heat and stretching. Made without the use of phthalates. Easy to clean. 


  • HEAVY RIPSTOP FABRIC COLOUR BLACK the fabric is a Nylon that was originally developed for military purposes and is widely used in extreme sports such as paragliding and parachuting. No surprise, then, that its stand-out features are outstanding abrasion- and wear-resistance, as well as being very water-repellent.
  • 3X REFLECTIVE FABRIC the side inserts of the Street seat feature Scotchlite silver reflective cloth manufactured by 3M which lends this model a hi-tech style.

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